Tues, Dec 27

By: Chad Hyatt
Luke 2.1-20
Reflection—v. 10, ‘I bring you good news…’
‘Good news’ in the Hebrew scriptures announces God’s liberating work in bringing an exiled people back home. In the time of Jesus, the word was associated with events of political significance for Rome—a celebration of the birth of the emperor or a military triumph. The announcement of good news by the angel would have had a strong political edge for the shepherds and those who heard their message. And it should for us, too. But I do not mean the hyper-partisan politics of our day. One way to define politics is how people, power, and resources are organized. I believe the good news calls us to critically examine the ways in which all our communities, big and small, organize people (who’s included, who’s left out?), power (who’s got it, who’s denied it?) and resources (who has access to the necessities of life and who does not?). Do we seek to organize our lives,
our families, our communities—and, yes, our nations—in ways that show we
value mercy, justice, and the intrinsic dignity of every human life? The announcement of God’s joyous good news calls us precisely to this rigorous task.
God of good news, show us whom we have excluded from our tables.