Mon, Dec 26th

By: Chad Hyatt

Luke 2.1-20

Reflection—v. 10, ‘Behold!’

‘Behold’ is a great word, a wonderfully old-fashioned word, full of the hushed gravity that many associate with the Bible. Literally it means ‘Look!’ But literal translation is not the point. It is a marker word—there to call our attention to what follows, the ‘reality of the situation.’ As such, this old word serves us well because it is not part of our everyday conversation. I am not even sure how to ‘be-hold,’ but I know it calls me to presence—from which my fears and restless anxieties keep trying to lure me away. Beholding calls me to ‘be’ in the moment, present to what is now. And it calls me to ‘hold’ that reality, to keep it, as much as I am able, just as it is, without assimilating it into my own being—to allow the reality to speak for itself, to speak to me. To behold is to be present to a holy moment and to safeguard it for what it is—even if I do not immediately understand it or am disturbed by it. Fear will not let us be present or to hold the holiness of a moment. But we can be filled with a different sense of things, a different way of standing within reality—we can be filled with ‘beholding.’

Prayer God, help me to be and to hold, present to the holy reality of your mercy.