Christmas Vigil —Sat, Dec 24th

By: Brittany Fiscus

Romans 1.1-7

Reflection—v. 7, ‘called to be saints’

Paul writes to the Romans as ‘God’s beloved, who are called to be saints’ as if all are called to img_20161023_143609sainthood. When we hear the word ‘saint,’ it’s easy to think of the awe-inspiring and maybe a bit intimidating goodness of St. Teresa of Calcutta or even St. Paul, who writes this letter. Who could be expected to live up to those standards? But stepping into the basement room where our Mercy community meets, one sees a host of different, less-familiar saints who are probably more similar to the ‘saints’ Paul writes in Rome. Hanging from the kitchen ceiling of Mercy’s rented space are prayer flags honoring members of the community who have passed: many of whom died on the streets. These prayer flags honoring saints in our own community serve as a reminder that sainthood is in fact something we are all called to. Beloved, you are all called to welcome Christ into a broken world: be empowered to do the hard work of sainthood.

Prayer God, empower us to be unafraid and unashamed.