Thurs, Dec 22nd

Romans 1.1-7

Reflection—v. 5, ‘to bring about the obedience of faith‘

Phrases like this can make Christians squirm. Wrapped up in the word ‘obedience’ are all the negative connotations of ‘Christian guilt.’ Don’t tell us we have to come to church on Sundays, or volunteer, or be on a committee to be a good Christian. We want living the gospel to be ‘choose your own adventure’ style, where we determine how much commitment it is. But here we have Paul in his letter to the Romans blatantly, and almost embarrassingly, stating that his purpose for writing is to bring people to the ‘obedience of faith.’ But what if obedience was not associated with the training classes you take your dog to? What if obedience did not sound like Sunday morning guilt, but instead had more to do with admitting that we live in a world full of broken systems and addictions and ache for the humility to submit to God’s help and our need? In this season of anticipatory waiting, may we all have the humility to respond to God’s invitation to the obedience that brings hope and healing.

Prayer God, give us sustaining, guiding obedience to the faithfulness of Christ.