Mon, Dec 19th

Isaiah 7.10-16

Reflection—v. 16, ‘…by the time he knows how to refuse the evil and choose the good.’

Isaiah’s sign of hope is to point to a woman and promise that before her soon-to-be-born child can grow old enough to distinguish and choose between good and evil, Israel will once again be safe. But surely Isaiah’s words are merely poetic, for do any of us ever reach a point when we can say assuredly that we are able to refuse evil and choose good? If we invited Isaiah to a recovery bible study at Mercy, we might remind him that the work of ‘choosing good’ is always a process. Our relationship with God is not one-sided and full of magical life-altering moments. We aren’t going to wake up one day and suddenly be ‘old enough’ or ‘spiritually mature’ enough to not have addictions anymore. There may never be a time when we can say that we always refuse evil, but what Isaiah’s sign points to is that there is hope in the fact that God is with us in every moment of the process and empowers us to choose the good.

Prayer God of mercy, empower us today to the do hard work of choosing good.