Thurs, Dec 15th

By: Maggie Leonard

James 5.7-10
Reflection—v. 7, ‘be patient’
When I was little, patience felt like the biggest waste of time. Being patient usually meant sitting in a chair somewhere, preferably quietly (my parents’ preference, not mine). Patience has changed for me over the past few years. It’s no longer about being still. It’s about curiously watching something unfold—to allow it to develop without my interference. Things frequently develop and unfold better without my trying to force an end result. When I respond to my own anxiety or try and rush something that is in the process of happening, I’m more likely to irritate or hurt someone. And while I fancy myself a competent and detail-oriented person, I’m always amazed at what will yield when I let a situation unfurl itself. Then again, there are plenty of situations that need a little boost, a little energy—I’m happy to throw my support behind them, but I try to slow myself down in that process, allowing myself to engage the driving forces to ensure that I am acting in love. I am able to make the decision to do something, instead of feeling forced and reactive. Without having to control all the parts, patience helps me have greater control over my part. It has felt liberating to cultivate the virtue of patience.

Prayer Dear God who is above all time, give me patience to see your story unfold.