Sat, Dec 17th

By: Maggie Leonard

James 5.7-10

Reflection—v. 9, ‘do not grumble against one another so that you may not be judged’

I have a confession. I’m a judger, a judgey person. Truth be told, I am typically most judgmental of other people about things which I fear in myself. If I judge you for wearing socks with sandals, it’s more so because of my doubt in my own fashion sense. If I judge your bad attitude, it’s because I’m conscious of my own moods. It’s as if I might catch whatever you have—that it will be brought out that much more strongly in myself. My sensitivities become your problem. I think this is why Paul warns us not to ‘grumble against one another, so that you may not be judged.’ When I’m healthy, I don’t need to judge your behavior because I’m confident in my own. Judging one another really only breeds bitterness in our own hearts. So next time I see Chad wearing socks with sandals, as he does every winter, I can smile and appreciate his quirks—the color that he adds to our community without it being a commentary on me. Instead of judging others for our common faults, perhaps it can be a way for me to find compassion for both ourselves and others.

Prayer Oh Holy One, help me to find the mercy with which you judge us all.