Wed, Dec 14th

By: Maggie Leonard

Matthew 11.2-11
Reflection—v. 9, ‘prepare your way for you‘
Preparation always seems to take longer than the main event. In the kitchen, chopping vegetables takes more time and energy than cooking. The set up and breakdown of our church services take longer than the service itself. The planning of a big party can take months, resulting in a few hours of fun. John had his work cut out for him, preparing the way for Jesus. If I’m honest with myself, there is a lot of work I could do in order to make my heart and life a more hospitable place for Jesus. Knowing that God is love and that God is beyond my comprehension, there is always room for me to grow in love. Preparing for God, I can practice forgiveness, cultivate patience, open my heart to humility, let go of expectations, try to understand others, attend to the lonely, and seek justice in the form of mercy. I’m glad that there is always something to do, I can never be bored, and grateful that I don’t have to have it all accomplished today. What’s more, I am confident that I don’t do this work alone—God helps me to do what God calls me to do. Thanks be to God.

Prayer Giver of life, help me to help create space for you in this world.