Tues, Dec 13th

By: Maggie Leonard

Matthew 11.2-11
Reflection—v. 5-6 ‘the blind receive their sight, the lame walk… and blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me.’
We live in a transactional society, many interactions between people can be measured. We take metrics on everything, especially the things we give away. I find that in Bible studies, we’re always a bit indignant about the stinginess of the tax collectors and Pharisees who judge Jesus’ actions, though in reality I’m not sure we’re much more generous. We grumble about those who get handouts and debate whether or not they really need them. Health care, cell phones, food, and transportation are viewed as things that ought to be luxury items. But honestly, when Sesame Street is only available on HBO, how can we really begrudge a poor woman with children for prioritizing cable tv? With pay phones being virtually nonexistent, why do we question the validity of the Obamaphones? When money is tight, how else is one supposed to make a doctor’s appointment, or get in touch with family, call back a potential employer, or notify a babysitter that the bus is running late? Mercy is frequently offensive precisely because it wasn’t earned. But then again, if it were earned, it wouldn’t be mercy.

Prayer Forgiver of sins, help us not to be offended when grace is granted.