Sat, Dec 10th

By: Chad Hyatt

Matthew 3.1-12

Reflection—v. 2, ‘…at hand’

What does it mean that the ‘kingdom of heaven is at hand’? John means exactly what he says—that God’s rule is breaking into our world right now. It also means that the kingdom is ‘at hand’ in Jesus of Nazareth. His coming–—his advent—is the coming of the kingdom. Because that was true in John’s day, it also true now. The kingdom of heaven can also be ‘at hand’ in how we respond to it; it is very literally in our hands. The kingdom John preached and Jesus embodied is ‘at hand’ as we pass the bread of communion in worship or a bowl of hot soup on the streets. It is ‘at hand’ as we clean and dress the wounds of spider bites on those who have been ‘sleeping rough’ or bandage a knife wound by an angry lover. The kingdom is ‘at hand’ as we wash dirty clothes and then share a laundered coat with a sister who shivers from the cold. The kingdom is ‘at hand’ when we grow vegetables in our own gardens to share with our neighbors and then chop them and stir them into a savory soup pot. The kingdom of heaven is at hand in every work of mercy that we do for one another in this wilderness of the streets.

Prayer  O Lord, may your kingdom come as your people work hand-in-hand.