Sat, Dec 3rd

By: Maggie Leonard

Matthew 24.36-44

Reflection—v. 43, ‘if the head of the house knew at what time the thief would come, he would keep alert’

Why is it that we stay on edge for the bad things?  Anxiety is a persistent problem for many people today—our fear can easily lead us to stay up all night and worry all day.  But rarely do we spend the same amount of time anticipating the good.  Somehow, the bad always seems imminent and the good is just out of reach.  As Jesus describes the end of an era, and ultimately the ushering in of God’s kingdom, we cling to our systems and way of being.  Change equals destruction of what is good enough.  In reality, what God has dreamed up for the whole world just might be bigger and better than anything we could imagine.  Oppressive regimes will have to fall if God’s reign is to take hold—heck, even the governments we like will be no more.  Our work is to try and find hope in a future that is not within our control.  It will require us to look with contentment, joy, and thanksgiving toward God.  And to truly put our faith into God’s way of living life with love and acceptance.

Prayer  Beloved, we know that you create beyond our wildest imagination.  With hope, help me to surrender to you each day.