Thurs, Dec 1st

By: Maggie Leonard

Matthew 24. 36-44

Reflection—v. 40, ‘there will be two men in the field.  One will be taken’

This is not a Hollywood movie.  Nobody is dramatically getting sucked into the sky.  However, with Christ in our midst, some will be able to see the glimpses of God’s promised kingdom and others will not.  Even those who are closest to us, those with whom we live, work, and love, will not necessarily see what we do.  We are called to see the Son of Humanity in our midst, not to shy away from the suffering around us.  At Mercy, when we talk about living fully in Christ, we acknowledge how difficult it is to stay atuned to our full array of emotions.  Sometimes, they seem like too much.  In reality, to feel is to fully live. When we numb ourselves—whether with screens, alcohol, purchases, racism, genderism— we experience a bit of death which can slowly take hold of us.  Earlier in Matthew, Jesus describes evil being seperated from the good—the weeds are taken first.  I wonder, if there are two in the field, might the one who lives in a world of hate and numbness be the first to kill.  Such bitterness and emptiness eats us from the inside.  May we turn toward life.

Prayer  Author of life, turn our attention to you.  May we not be distracted by our work but see glimpses of your love in our lives.