Tuesday, Nov 29th

By: Maggie Leonard

Matthew 24.36-44

Reflection—v. 37, ‘as it was in the time of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Human One’

It’s a bit disconcerting, I suppose—to compare the coming of the Son of Humanity to that of a sudden flash flood that, as it is told, killed off all living things on the face of the earth.  I can understand how that might be scary, but take heart—analogies have their limitations.  Here, Jesus is not drawing parallels about how the end of the world did look and will look, but rather to demonstrate the sometimes sudden and disruptive reality of  the coming of the Son of Humanity.  He means this to inspire the disciples, and us, to remain faithful and loving, even when chaos ensues.  God’s kindgom is going to disrupt our broken systems and all that we know.   We cannot predict when or how it will happen, but we are to hold fast to love.  Jesus goes on to say, in chapter twenty-five, that the Son of Humanity came in the form of the hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick, and prisoner.  Where there is hunger and illness, there is frequently unrest.  And that is exactly where we will encounter the Son of Humanity.

Prayer  God, you come to us in surprising and disruptive ways.  Shake us from our comfort and open our hearts to show mercy to those where you are.