Monday, Nov 28th

By: Maggie Leonard

Matthew 24.36-44

Reflection—v. 37, ‘the Human One’

I’m not going to lie, I find the designation, ‘the Human One’ to be a bit peculiar, if we have space we can talk about him referring to himself in the third person.  In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is the only one who refers to ‘the Human One’ or ‘the Son of Man,’ or as I would translate it from Greek, ‘the Son of Humanity.’  This designation is likewise used by the prophets to describe their visions.  In Daniel 7, referenced in this text just a few verses before today’s passage, after God defeats four beasts that represent four empires, the ‘one like a human being’ (also translated ‘son of man’) approaches the throne and is given reign over God’s kingdom of peace.  Being the ‘Son of Humanity’ both identifies Jesus as the heir of God’s kingdom as well as strongly places him in solidarity with us.  Jesus identifies as human—in all of the brokenness and messiness that it means to be one of us.  It’s precisely because of his humanity that Jesus can speak truth in love to us, holding us accountable as we seek to be a part of God’s kindgom.

Prayer  Christ our savior, have mercy on me.