Easter Sunday, March 27

By: Chad Hyatt

John 20:1-18


What does the new world look like? What are the signs that the resurrection has re-made the universe? One of the members of our community often comments how, from a Hollywood blockbuster point of view, the gospel accounts of the resurrection IMG_20160211_125609are decidedly underwhelming. We all want something bigger of God, flashier, more definitive—almost literally earth-shattering. Hollywood gives exactly what we want. God gives us something even better, but with the catch that we have to see differently in order to see it at all. John has placed a lot of emphasis on seeing as a way of faith. At the tomb this continues. In the case of the two disciples who go running to see what has happened, we only see what they see: literally, nothing—except an empty tomb where a body should be and linens that are folded neatly and laid to the side. With Mary Magdalene, we find a person very much like ourselves; she is so focused on what she cannot see that she is unable to see what is before her. The signs of the resurrection are small, even hard to see. Like Mary Magdalene, we are so often blinded because we do not see what we expect to see and miss the brand-new world standing in front of us, gently calling our name. At that direct address of love, we suddenly come to see what we have missed all along.

Prayer Beloved Lord, help us to see the brand new world in front of us.