Saturday of Holy Week, March 26

By: Chad Hyatt

Luke 24: 1-12


In the partnership of our churches on Ponce, we are blessed to have a vivid experience of the Triduum, or the Three Days from Maundy Thursday until Easter JorgeSunday. Discovering the practice of Easter Vigil through the dramatic and beautiful worship of our sisters and brothers at St. John’s has been especially important for me. Saturday is the time of the tomb—of uncertainty and confusion, where we mourn the ways in which the promises of God seem to lie dead. Easter Vigil has allowed me to connect the dots—not just the mysterious line between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but the line that connects the story of Jesus to the larger story of God’s people throughout Scripture. During Easter Vigil, we move from darkness, pierced only by the warm amber of glowing candles, to full, festive light at the joyous celebration of the Eucharist, as we stand circled as God’s beloved around the table. In the Scriptures, we move from the joyous mystery of creation, through the opened waters of the Exodus, as slaves on the run from Pharaoh’s deadly grasp, onto the promises of the prophets that point toward an unbelievable hope, until finally we listen to a reading of the good news that the tomb of our sorrows, now lies empty, because God’s promises, though dead, have been raised, at last destroying death itself.

Prayer Praise the Lord, risen from the dead; he has trampled down death by death!