Good Friday, March 25

By: Chad Hyatt

John 18:1-19:42

Reflection—19.37, look on the one whom they have peirced

God did not kill Jesus. We did. Is there a sense in John’s Gospel that Jesus knew his execution was coming, even that itCharles ‘had to be’? Yes. Could we say with John that God willingly gives Jesus to the world, and did Jesus knowingly and without resistance go to the cross? Yes. But that willing giving and faithful going was not to fulfill some strange, hidden scheme of our redemption, masterminded behind the scenes of a celestial chess match. It was for love, as simple as that. It was love that demanded the cross, as always happens when love meets hatred face to face. The cross is what we do to love. We must see it as it is, and in doing so, see ourselves as we are, fully and truly. We must see ourselves as those who, along with all the world, hate love, whether we would ever admit it so baldly were we not confronted with it. We are, in a word, like all of humanity, sinners. Seeing ourselves as sinners is the beginning of true spirituality, a way towards life from the darkness of death. But this is not all. Because it is love that has been crucified, the very action of putting love to death reveals an overflow of the heart of love. Blood and water, life and Spirit, forgiveness and mercy flow like a redeeming stream from heart of the one whom we have pierced. We must look and look again–and finally believe.

Prayer Crucified One, help me to see and love love—never again stopping it.