Monday of Holy Week, March 21

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 19:28-40

Reflection—v. 30-35, tied…untie…untying…

Five times the passage refers to untying this tied donkey (a symbol of peace, ridden instead of a horse in order to sign a treaty), this animal that had never before been ridden.  I wonder about those things that need to be untied, loosed, liberated and how these might point toward peace.  I am thinking of those things within us, or in our closets, which we dare not use.  When I was little, I distinctly remember having multiple arts-n-craft sets that I never used—if I used them, I felt I wouldn’t have them to use later.  The irony didn’t strike me until years later when I babysat for a two year old who had an incredibly generous and creative spirit.  She loved art, doing some kind of craft almost every day, knowing that her creativity and materials would not run out.  She was also never shy—and even insistent—to share her snacks and toys with others.  Life is so much better when we not only use what we have, but share it with others.  What is the point of fancy dishes, if not to feast with others?  Or Legos, if not to play with friends, regardless of if the set pieces get combined? We don’t give of our self or our things because we, or it, might get hurt, stolen, or broken; consequiently, we miss out. As we journey toward the cross this week, may we consider who or what needs to be liberated in order to usher in the Prince of Peace.

Prayer Liberate my heart, dear God, that I might share your joy with all.