Saturday, March 19

By: Brittany Fiscus

Psalm 126

Reflection— v. 1, we were like those who dream

When reading this psalm, Dr. Martin Luther King’s powerful words ‘I have a dream…’ kept coming to mind.  Here was a man who, in the midst of a broken system of inequality, was able to dream of a better world and live into this dream in a way that inspired others to take action toward change. Just as Dr. King’s dream led to change, so too can our restorative, hopeful dreams lead to change for a better world.  But how can we hope to have such dreams if we never stop to rest, if we never stop to be still and pay attention to God?  Dreaming requires deep sleep, peaceful rest, the ability to let go and give ourselves over.  It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep on the streets.  Not only are we vulnerable to changes in the weather, we have to find someplace that is enough shelter to hide ourselves from artificial light. We want to be safe from the threats of others, but we can be told to leave at any moment.  There is little rest when we are always on edge like this.  For those of us in housing, how often do we too get so caught up in our own lives and ambitions that we are also unable to stop and rest?  When we can let go, when we can stop and rest in the safety and peace of God’s presence, maybe we all will become like ‘those who can dream’ of better things.

Prayer God, give us true rest, in safe housing and in trusting hearts, that we may become those who can both dream and work for a better world.