Friday, March 18

By: Brittany Fiscus

Philippians 3:4b-14

Reflection—v. 12, Jesus has made me his own

Sometimes we really need to hear a hard word.  Paul is good at reminding us that, despite all our best efforts, being a true disciple of Christ takes even more than we think is possible. It takes continuous growth.  It’s a process, as we like to say at Mercy. Paul says that even he, someone who has given up all the comforts of his old life, still hasn’t reached the goal and continues on the journey of realization and growth.  But in the midst of telling us why a life in Christ isn’t always easy, Paul reminds us of why that commitment is worth it, why it’s even possible.  Paul says he makes this mission his own because ‘Christ Jesus has made me his own.’ As much as we must continuously commit to growing and working on ourselves, Christ has already committed to us.  This gives us hope and courage.  We belong. In the midst of our constant struggle—with addictions, letting go of the things we rely on to make us numb or are just too comfortable—the truth that we can always be grounded in is that Christ has already made us his own.  Having confidence in the fact that we are already beloved, no matter where we are at in that process, can free us up to keep working toward continuous growth.

Prayer  Jesus, help us to always choose you, just as you have already chosen us.