Tuesday, March 15

By: Brittany Fiscus

Philippians 3:4b-14

Reflection—v. 7, whatever gains I had… I come to regard as loss

This does not sound like good news for the comfortable. Paul gives his own resume to the Philippians, telling them of how he had all the right credentials, all the advantages and privilege to succeed in life, but now because of Christ he counts it all as a loss.  Instead of being a comfortable, upper-middle class Pharisee, he’s in prison.  Instead of taking a salary with benefits, he’s beseeching his friends for prayers and support from his cell.  How easy it would have been for Paul to go along with the trajectory of what society deemed was a worthy life for this intelligent and passionate man.  But Paul reminds us that however easy that alternate path may have been, it would have been a loss.  What does he gain besides prison time?  He gains ‘the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus.’  He knows and believes in the teachings of Christ, so much so, in fact, that any other life would be a loss.  Are we living lives that reflect our knowledge of Jesus Christ, or are we looking for value in the wrong things?

Prayer Christ Jesus, when we get too comfortable, shake us like you shook Paul.  Help us to let go of the things that lead us to loss.  Let us gain the surpassing value of knowing you.