Thursday, March 10

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 15:1-3,11b-32

Reflection—v. 30, this son of yours

We distance ourselves with language.  When I’ve been really peeved with my sister or brother, I have informed my parents what ‘your daughter’ or ‘your son’ has done.  After all ‘your child’ is no sibling of mine.  I hear similarly distancing language all the time: ‘I’m not that kind of Christian’ or ‘Those homeless folks have a real problem’ or ‘Men and women are different, you see’ or ‘You can’t understand my worry; you don’t have children’ or ‘Will you let our client into the church?’ or ‘We need more of them (people of color, women, LGBTQ…) in leadership at this conference’ or ‘All y’all who….’  We easily cast judgment on one another’s journeys, and our language reflects that divide.  None of us will ever fully understand another, but we can try.  We can listen. And instead of condemning one another for experiences we have or have not had, perhaps we can celebrate that we are all trying to grow in love—wherever that has taken us.

Prayer Father God, sometimes I refuse to see others as my sisters and brothers in you.  Help me to know that each person with whom I come in contact is truly your beloved child. Help me to celebrate their successes and grieve their harships, standing in solidarity with them and with you.