Wednesday, March 9

By Maggie Leonard

Luke 15:1-3,11b-32

Reflection—v. 29, for all these years I have

The reality is that not all of our anger stems from a protective space, but sometimes from a comparative and entitled space.  We feel that we have worked hard and are deserving of a reward.  However, doing one thing, no matter how large or small, with the unvoiced expectation of getting something in return is, in fact, manipulative behavior.  When we choose to make a sacrifice—it is just that—a letting go of something of our own choosing that may or may not result in a particular outcome.  For a true sacrifice, one must let go of expectations of a particular outcome and of the bitterness for taking the action.  A sacrifice might create space for something great to happen, but sometimes that greatness is merely being loving or full of integrity for the sake of being loving or full of integrity without tangible consequences. There is liberation and joy that can come from loving regardless of the outcome—perhaps for love sake, there is hope for both me and the olderst son.

Prayer  Jesus, Lamb of God, have mercy on me.  I have not followed your example, making hopeful sacrifices.  Help me to act with hope and love.