Sunday, March 6

By: Maggie Leonard;  Photo by: Katie Archibald-Woodward

Joshua 5:9-12

Reflection—v. 12, the manna ceased

I can’t help but wonder, did folks freak out when the mana stopped?  We are such creatures of habit, even if we initially complained about the need for a change, we frequently still cling to the old situation before embracing another transition.  If I were a betting woman, I’d bet that there were unhappy people—or perhaps scared people—when God made that change.  After all, manna had been their main, secure food source for forty years.  Heck, the Israelites clung to slavery for a little while after first being led into the wilderness; surely there were a couple old-timers who found comfort in the plain, unsurprising taste of the manna.  This is not unusual. Despite what we tell ourselves about new adventures, many of us get pretty grumpy during transitions in life, even those we willingly take on.  Lent is a season of transitions, wherein we work to let go of things which we no longer need. Or taking a step back, it may be a time in which we start to become aware of which habits we want to give up and seek the to courage to do so.  Sometimes in prayer we talk about a type of prayer request called an intention.  It’s what we intend to do.  Perhaps I’m not ready to forgive someone, but I want to want to forgive them.  I can pray to God to help me want to forgive them-—forgiveness is what I one day intend to do.

Prayer Patient God, help me to have the courage to see what I need to change.

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