Saturday, March 5

By: Chad Hyatt

Luke 13:1-9

Reflection—v. 8, I will dig around it and give it fertilizer

The gardener is willing to do everything he can to make the fig tree that isn’t bearing fruit have the chance of bearing it. We read this as Jesus interceding for us, giving every chance for us to live. At Mercy, as we wrestle together with the addictions that bind us, that we can either help one another toward recovery or pull one another down. We can push someone’s buttons or we can hold our tongue when we recognize someone is having a bad day. When we learn to help one another, in the midst of our struggles and addictions, on the bad days when we simply have no hope that the next day will be any better than the last, we become a community of open hands and open hearts. This is what repentance really means. Repentance breaks open our hearts, so that we can love one another, even in the hardest and most difficult times. When we open our hearts and hands, we cease to be a community, or perhaps more honestly, just a group of people caught up in the chaos of constantly pointing fingers, trying to excuse ourselves for the truth we do not want to face. Let us ask God to do a little more for our sisters and brothers, ever hopeful that mercy will bear its delightful fruit for us all.

Prayer God, help me to nurture my sisters and brothers, and to receive their nurture on my bad days, as we seek your love and justice in the world.