Sunday, Feb 28

By: Chad Hyatt

Isaiah 55:1-9

Reflection—v. 7, forsake their ways and their thoughts

Repentance, or said in a less church-y way, ‘change’ is the grand theme of Lent, and in truth, it should be more than just a focus for our Lenten practice. All of the IMG_20160211_125705Christian life is a Lenten journey toward transformation. Repentance is not a big beat-down from an all powerful God; it is a way toward life, an invitation to enter more fully into God’s own life. Jesus calls us to repent; Isaiah shows us how. Because repentance is a renewed way of living, Isaiah fittingly describes it with a series of evocative verbs: ‘incline your ear… come… listen… seek… call… forsake… return.’ The action of repentance, however, is interior, as well as exterior. We are to forsake both our ‘ways,’ actions in relationship to God and others, and our ‘thoughts,’ how we understand our actions and look upon others and God. In forsaking our own ways and thoughts, we exchange them for God’s ‘ways’ and, yes, even God’s ‘thoughts.’ Repentance is an all-inclusive renovation of our entire selves.

Prayer God of transformation, help me not to be scared of your work of change in the world.  May I surrender my ways and thoughts to your love.