Saturday, Feb 27

By: Holly Reimer

Luke 13:31-35

Reflection—v. 34, how often have I wanted to gather…but you didn’t want that

In this passage, Jesus stands firm in who he is and what he is called to do, despite constant criticism.  He has called others to join him in the work of God’s kingdom, but they remain unable to see how love is at work in the world. Their stubbornness and ignorance gets in the way of hearing his call.  Jesus invites us close, like a hen gathers her chicks, wanting to protect us and to teach us his ways of loving and healing the world. But we are stubborn—we are determined that we know best, cling to our own moral codes, and are convinced that we understand the ways of both the world and of God.  As someone who strives for perfection and lives for independence, I struggle with acknowledging that maybe I am not as wise as I would like to think.  My determination to be all and know all keeps me from getting close to God.  Jesus turned so many  dogmas on their heads, it’s hard to anticipate his call. We have to be willing to listen and truly hear the good news of what may otherwise feel like harsh words.

Prayer Lord, you know how hard-headed I can be, and I am grateful that you love me in spite of it all.