Friday, Feb 26

By: Holly Reimer

Luke 13:31-35

Reflection—v. 32, go and tell that fox for me

Jesus has been warned by some of the Pharisees that Herod has it out for him and that he should flee from that place.  This part of the text makes me chuckle; I love the way Jesus responds.  Jesus doesn’t get all puffed up and let this threat make him respond with a threat and seeking out a fight with Herod.  Instead, Jesus simply tells the Pharisees to notify Herod that he has work to do and intends to do that work, when he is finished he will leave.  In our culture, when we are threatened it is so natural for us to want to fight back and to show people that we are not to be taken lightly.  We want people to know that they can’t intimidate us and that there will be repercussions for those who try.  Yet Jesus gives us another option.  When we are doing good work and honest work, and threats come (which they are bound to, even in good works), we should not back down. But rather than fight, we maintain focus on our work and press forward.  Who is your ‘fox,’ and what do you need to say?  What is threatening to kill you, literally or metaphorically?  Is the threat of death keeping you from following what God has called you to do?  If so, respond in a way that honors God, not with anger but determination. 

Prayer God, help me not to be intimidated others and stand strong in your love.