Thursday, Feb 25

By: Holly Reimer

Luke 13:31-35

Reflection—v. 3, get away from here, because Herod wants to kill you

Fear is a very powerful motivator.  The Pharisees are hoping that fear will motivate Jesus, and he will flee, leaving them in peace from this troublemaker.  We, unlike the Pharisees, know that Jesus is not easily intimidated and his life is not ruled by fear.  But oftentimes we live our lives by this very same principle.  We want to keep far from prisoners, addicts, and ‘the wrong side of town,’ because somehow we have been made to believe our lives will be in endangered.  This fear keeps us from being in relationships with people who are, in truth, just like us—the same way that the Pharisees were hoping that this fear would keep Jesus from being in relationship with those he was healing and teaching.  We can allow fear to rule us, or through compassion, we can rule our fears.

Prayer Lord, thank you for an example of what it looks like to stand firm.  Thank you that Jesus refused to be intimidated and ruled by fear.  May you give me the same courage so that I can embrace deep, healing relationships with my sisters and brothers.