Wednesday, Feb 24

By: Holly Reimer

Philippians 3:17-4:1

Reflection—v. 21, he will transform the body of our humiliation

When I first read ‘the body of our humiliation,’ I thought about my physical body and the way I am too often ashamed of itthe things I dislike about my physical self.  Yet this text speaks so much more to the whole of our bodies. How do our bodies represent humiliation? Is it in the times when I have failed to communicate well to others, or in the moments when I lack self-respect that I curse who I am? If we are being honest with ourselves, what are the moments when we are most humiliated with ourselves? Is it in the moments when we fail to master our addictions, failing to have healthy relationships or boundaries for ourselves and those around us? This passage speaks to more than our shortcomings and dislike for ourselves, it speaks of being transformed. But again this isn’t just any transformation; this is a transformation that makes us like Jesus Christ.  What I consider ugly and marred, that can be grotesque on the inside, becomes wholly beautiful in love, so that no longer am I ashamed to look at myself, truthfully and honestly.

Prayer  God, thank you for loving me and standing with me, transforming me and changing me to look more like the image of love I behold in you.