Tuesday, Feb 23

By: Holly Reimer

Philippians 3:17-4:1

Reflection—v. 19, their god is their belly

What a strange thing to say, and yet as Paul muses about characteristics of enemies of the cross, he says of them, ‘their god is their belly.’ Paul is describing the ways in which we cling to comfort rather than follow Christ to the cross.  If we really follow Christ, we will not be lead to comfortable places.  While I have not always been there, I pray that God would help me want to want to follow Christ into uncomfortable spaces.  For years I served at a wonderful church doing youth ministry—it was comfortable and safe.  When I got to seminary I decided that I wanted to find situations that would break me out of my comfort zone.  In finding Mercy, I both quickly fell in love with the community and was completely terrified.  Stepping out of the place where I always felt comfortable has led me to better self-awareness and new and exciting understandings of the word.  I have learned more about setting boundaries that allow me to have healthier relationships and that differences in ages, genders, races, and economic positions do not negate the ability to relate to one another and form community.  Being at Mercy has shown me the possibilities within the discomfort.

Prayer Lord, in the moments where I just want to be comfortable, give me the desire to stretch and grow, to be uncomfortable.