Monday, Feb 22

By: Holly Reimer

Philippians 3:17-4:1

Reflection—v. 18, enemies of the cross of Christ

What makes us enemies of the cross of Christ?  When I first read these words, I read that I was an enemy of Christ.  However, there is something more going on here.  To be an enemy of the cross of Christ is more than just an enemy of Christ, but enmity for everything that the cross stands for—God’s love for us, and the forgiveness of our sins so that we could have a right relationship with God.  These words force me to wonder what I have done that denies God’s love for me.  What are the insecurities I harbor that allows me to deny the love that God has for me?  Our unhealthy habits and addictions keep us focused on our own self  and the self-loathing we feel in our insecurity.  We keep messing up—never loving enough, or kind enough, or physically fit enough, or interesting enough, or funny enough, or good enough—surely Christ counts me as an enemy.  Yet, this Lenten season, we are called to confession and penitence, which only brings us closer to a relationship with Christ, whose cross saves us.  God is never the one to keep distance from us; it is our self-criticisms and self-loathing that keep us from pulling closer to the one who always moves toward us.

Prayer Lord, thank you for never giving up on me. May I see that you don’t hold me, or anyone, as an enemy. Help me to want to come closer to you.