Saturday, Feb 20

By: Maggie Leonard

Romans 10:8-13

Reflection—v. 10, confessing with the mouth leads to salvation

Too often I catch myself not acting as I would hope.  I’ve noticed that confessing limitations and making excuses sound awfully similar—the words may even be exactly the same, though the heart and intention for action differ drastically.  ‘I didn’t sleep well’ might be the excuse one makes for being rude to others, or the confession one offers as one trys to change her attitude.  ‘I’m an introvert’ could be the excuse for refusing to participate with a group or a confession as one tries to work up the energy to engage. ‘I’m an extrovert’ could be the excuse one makes for dominating a group discussion, or the confession one makes as she struggles to talk less or sit in silence without fidgeting.  The difference is the awareness, not only of self but of others, and the willingness to try and curb behavior.  Confession, as opposed to making excuses, opens us to what we want to do, it helps others to know that with which we are struggling, invites others to offer support or grace, and helps us to expand our experience of life.  Confession doesn’t have to be a beat-down wherein we obsess about where we have failed or dryly bemoan everything we ‘should’ do—rather it’s an opportunity to be liberated from our past thoughts and actions so we can try again with a full heart.

Prayer Forgiving God, help me to see how I wrong you and others.