Thursday, Feb 18

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 4:1-13

Reflection—v. 12, do not put the Lord your God to the test

I’d even venture to say, don’t put anyone to the test—especially not God.  Can we ever test one another and be loving?  I think not.  When we test one another, we’re usually pushing one another toward non-life-giving options. Testing someone is manipulative.  To test someone is to set her up for failure for no other reason than to appease one’s own gratification or peace of mind.  It’s a terrible thing to drag one another into extreme situations in life.  So many plot-lines of movies, books, and shows revolve around one person testing the goodness/fidelity/love of another, I fear that we don’t always see the ‘test’  as the manipulation that it is.  Moreover, to try and define one another through these extreme situations is to reduce another to their lowest or most charitable action—neither is a look at that person in their entirety.  In addition to considering what we are tempted by this Lenten season, it might also be helpful to consider who do I tempt?  Who do I test? With whom do I bargin? God? A friend? A significant other? A parent? A child?  Instead of testing one another, may we each usher one another toward love, good-decisions, and well-being.

Prayer  Author of life, help me to trust in the goodness of each of your children.  When I feel insecure, may I pull closer to you, not away from others.