Wednesday, Feb 17

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 4:1-13

Reflection—v. 2, he ate nothing

It’s fascinating to notice what we think we need—and what we actually need.  In this season of fasting, we have the opportunity to differentiate between what we need and want.  When I lived in Guatemala for a year as a volunteer, I lived out of one suitcase and a backpack.  It recalibrated what I ‘needed.’ The fact that the rest of my household and community also had less stuff helped solidify that reality.  Upon returning home, despite greater temptation and availability, my actual need of things didn’t change.  When we cut away excess and trim old habits, we are freed to see new things—new ways of responding to conflict, new ways of piecing together outfits, new energy to focus on other activities.  Sometimes when we clear out the fluff, we can better see and make healthy decisions.  When my mind isn’t clouded by alcohol, I’m not irrational and less sensitive.  When I have fewer resources, I’m more creative.  When I try to juggle fewer activities, I’m more focused. More rational, creative, and centered, I know better what I actually need, for what I’m actually hungry—both emotionally and physically.

Prayer Provider God, help me to see excesses in my life.  When I trim back the extra stuff, I can more clearly see you and the other things in my life that are important.