Monday, Feb 15

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 4:1-13

Reflection—v. 2, he ate nothing

I wonder if Jesus meant to fast while he was in the wilderness.  When I am confronting my own temptations—my addictions—I am usually my most unhealthy, most distracted.  I might be super busy or uncharacteristically lazy; regardless, my self-care is not balanced in these times—my eating habits aren’t good ones, my yoga practice falls to the wayside, I don’t socialize as much, I’m probably not sleeping well.  I too find myself hungry as I resurface—hungry for healthy food, moving my body, healthy interaction, and for God.  I wonder if Jesus cared for himself while tempted, or if he forgot to eat because he was focused on false promises, or if he couldn’t sleep from anxiety over what to do, or if he felt that he didn’t have time to pray. When we come out of the throws of our addicted behavior (alcohol, consumerism, Netflix binges, unhealthy relationships), it’s incredible, though not necessarily comfortable, what we feel: the emotions we ignored, our bodies—dehydrated, hungry, aching. We see our relationships—the good parts, the dysfunctional parts, the really dysfunctional parts. We see God again.

Prayer Dear Jesus, you too know the hunger that we experience—for love, for acceptance, for empowerment, for God’s presence.  Help us to make healthy decisions that we might not deprive ourselves of your love and company.