Saturday, Feb 13

By: Bethany Apelquist

Psalms 51:1-17

Reflection—v. 6, teach me wisdom in my secret heart

Lent is a time to prepare the deepest parts of who we are to be transformed by the promise of the cross, a time for our secret hearts to be renewed.  Our secret hearts are dynamic and sometimes complicated places. They are places in which we hold the very best of who we are but also the very worst of who we can be. They can, at times, be dark places. We all have a running narrative in our heads, and I suspect that for many of us that narrative is riddled with critiques and lies—that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, funny enough, beautiful enough, and on and on it goes. We believe that we can’t be, or don’t deserve to be, loved. These lies can plague our minds and sense of self. There is something beautiful about this prayer for ‘wisdom in our secret hearts’ which serves as an invitation to God to enter the deepest part of who we are. This initiation isn’t begging and pleading to a God who is reluctant to be with us, but rather a reminder to ourselves that even in those dark places, we can invite God. God wants us to know the truth that we are enough, that we are beloved, that we are good. This Lent, let’s let God flip the narrative of our secret hearts from darkness to a narrative that brings freedom, life, and joy.

Prayer God of secret places, open my heart to your love, joy, freedom, and generosity.