Thursday, Feb 11

By: Bethany Apelquist

2 Corinthians 5:20-6:10

Reflection—v. 2, now is the day of salvation

Paul is writing to a church that is trying to navigate conflict. Things aren’t going well, and even their relationship with Paul is fraught and messy. In the middle of such mess, I like the way Paul talks about salvation.  We often view salvation as something that will come in the future, something for which we wait patiently. For so many, salvation seems like a far away impossibility, but at Mercy we talk about it as that which is life-giving in the here and now—salvation is recovery, it is being freed from our mistakes, it is healthy decisions that we find daily the courage to make and for which we continue to strive, even in the most difficult moments.  For us, like Paul, today is the day for salvation. Moreover, it isn’t something that happens to us once and quickly fades into a memory. Salvation is an everyday affair. Paul is inviting the reader to be an active participant in the salvation Christ is working in us all-.  During Lent, as we live toward the resurrection of Jesus, even in our daily struggles, we begin the practice of new life. 

Prayer Jesus, our Savior, help us to know from what we need to be saved and give us the courage to live into the terrifying and beautiful life that you call us.