Epiphany — Wednesday, Jan 6th

By: Maggie Leonard

Matthew 2. 1-12

Reflection—v. 3, ‘they went back to their own country by another route’

We expect paths to be straight, to be linear—at least I do. I like to have a plan, moving from one thing to another chronologically, always moving forward.  When I take to the trails, I cling to my map and get nervous if I find myself off track.  But somehow life isn’t that straightforward—particularly lives of faith. IMG_20151022_141014 Like the wise men, I find that when I come face to face with God, it usually means a change of direction—I see myself in a new light or make new meaning of an experience.  All these things put me on a new trajectory, hopefully a more loving, kinder, more compassionate, more merciful, more open avenue.  Sometimes I find that my path loops back around, helping me to understand new meaning in familiar concepts or stories.  Other times I’m led into new territory.  After meeting God, I’m never quite sure what is next, but this squiggly path has been a wonderfully transformative one.

Prayer Holy God, I like my plans. I like feeling like I’m moving forward.  Open me to new journeys that deepen my understanding and bring me closer to love.