Tuesday, Jan 5th

By: Chad Hyatt

John 1. 1-18

Reflection—v. 14, ‘we have seen his glory… as of a father’s only son’

Often we have open eyes but fail to see. Walk down streets you normally drive, and notice what you see. The slowness of a walk gives the time to see differently—more fully, more clearly, more intimately—what the speed of our hectic lives renders a passing blur. It is the same with love. Truly seeing is what happens when we slow down enough to be with one another. Jesus shows us the glory he shares with God, the glory ‘of a father’s only son.’ It is the glory of self-giving, mutual love. Our churches—indeed all our communities—can become places where, if we are willing, we slow down enough to truly see one another. If we do not allow sin and suffering to avert our gaze, we might just behold God’s glory. Our worst behavior is not our truest self. Who a person really is—who each one of us has been created in God’s own image to be—is that glimpse of glory we see in one another on our best days, in our kindest and most selfless acts. Grace upon grace, God helps us to see one another as God sees us.

Prayer   God, help me slow down enough to see—and to behold your glory.