Monday, Jan 4th

By: Chad Hyatt

John 1. 1-18

Reflection—v. 18, ‘the Son… close to the Father’s heart… has made him known’

Jesus is a teacher of the heart. He has come to show us what it is to be ‘close to the Father’s heart.’ Prayer draws us closer to that heart. The practice of silence in prayer has become especially important for us. Silence is what happens when we choose simply to be together without the need for words. At Mercy, silence is not the same as quiet. Someone is always coming through the door, banging it loudly. Water is running, as toilets are flushed or coffee cups washed. Someone may be snoring, a weary soul finding a moment of rest. Someone whose mind is full of many voices may be talking to no one any of us can see. But as we sit together in near darkness, a lit candle glowing on our altar table, silence takes all this noise into itself. Beneath the hustle and bustle, you begin to perceive a silence that upholds all that is. This is the silence of heart within heart, of the eternal, noiseless dance of love that is the mystery of God. As we see one another, prayerfully and from the heart, we begin to see the heart of God that Jesus is showing us.

Prayer Jesus, close to the heart of God, teach us to live, heart within heart.