Sunday, Jan 3rd

By: Chad Hyatt

John 1. 1-18

Reflection— v. 1, ‘In the beginning… the Word was with God’

John tells the story of Christmas differently. He doesn’t start in the small village of Nazareth or the little town of Bethlehem. He begins at the beginning, literally. John’s telling of the story of Jesus ties the good news of his coming to the coming into being of creation itself. And in truth, John even goes beyond that:IMG_20151116_113318 the beginning is the heart of the eternal God. What captures my attention, however, is the tiniest of prepositions: ‘with.’ At the beginning of all things, the Word was ‘with’ God. At the heart of the mystery of God is relationship in its most basic form, simply being with another. A beautiful metaphor for the Trinity, using the traditional language, describes the mystery of God as an eternal dance of love. The Father lavishes the overflowing fullness of his love upon the Son, and the Son joyously returns this love to the Father in full measure. This eternal movement of self-giving love between the Father and the Son is, in fact, the Holy Spirit. Relationship is at the heart of the universe, flowing from the heart of God at the beginning. Loving mutuality is the origin and order of the all things.

Prayer  God, you are with me, and I am with you—and this is love; this is life.