Saturday, Jan 2nd

By: Brittany Fiscus

Luke 2. 41-52

Reflection—v. 52 ‘Jesus increased’

Considering that we often like to imagine God as perfect and unchanging, I find it interesting that we are told in this verse that ‘Jesus increased.’  In this story, Jesus is a rebellious kid who wanders off from his parents, only to be found arguing theology and asking questions in the temple.  When he is scolded for running away, Jesus has a comeback, and it is explained that his parents just don’t understand.  Yet directly following this story of Jesus-the-unruly-pre-teen, we are told that he was obedient and increased in wisdom just as he aged in years.  This means that Jesus changed.  Jesus was not stagnant.  He did not descend to us fully grown in mind and ready to proclaim his message. No, it was a process.  He had to get in trouble with his parents, get lost, be misunderstood, physically grow, mature, and most importantly, he had to learn and ask questions.  If Jesus, the perfect example of humanity, had to increase, so must we, struggling through the same process toward maturity.


Prayer  God, help us strive for your favor with the humility of your Son, who was ever learning and asking questions, always growing and increasing through you.