Friday, Jan 1st

By: Brittany Fiscus

Colossians 3. 12-17

Reflection—v. 17, ‘do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus’

Every New Year, I think about ways to be a better Christian. This passage offers great direction for what I might do. But this is not just a lesson for the New Year, a resolution to be forgotten as life settles back into normalcy. No, the author is asking for something bigger than a brief commitment. This is about making sure that our entire being is centered on God. It is a reminder that we have been given a new way of life that shapes our very being, disturbs our comfortable routine, and touches our hearts with a depth that no Christmas commercial ever could. Moreover, we are not to forget that this letter was written to a community, not a single recipient. Our personal goals for the New Year are good, but we must remember what God asks of us as a beloved community—that we are to be centered on God and do everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, something we can hope to accomplish with the love and support of one another. As we watch Christmas decorations removed and advertisements change, let us remember that our new way of life in Christ is year-round and life-long.

Prayer  God, whose love is beyond time, remind us every single day is an opportunity to honor you in every single thing that we do.