Thursday, Dec 31st

By: Brittany Fiscus

Colossians 3. 12-17

Reflection—v. 16, ‘teach and admonish one another’

These days at Mercy, we hear a lot about how we are a ‘teaching congregation.’  What this means on a basic level is that we are a congregation with interns who are learning to be ministers, we offer classes like music and yoga, we invite youth groups to participate and fellowship with us, and we have Bible studies where everyone has a chance to share wisdom and insight.  But at Mercy, being a teaching congregation goes far beyond the concrete opportunities offered.  We embody the concept of being a congregation that teaches and learns from one another in a mutual exchange.  The author of Colossians says that’s a great thing: teaching and learning is a part of bearing, forgiving, and loving one another.  We must let the word of Christ dwell in our hearts, but knowledge of Christ is not ours to keep. We must share and teach it to one another.  Each of us is a teacher charged with sharing all of our wisdom.  When teaching is done with patience, love, mutuality, and respect for one another, those are the times when Mercy is truly a teaching community at its best.

Prayer  Rabbi, may we follow you as teachers, sharing the joy and riches of our hearts that we learned from you first.