Monday, Dec 28th

By: Brittany Fiscus

Colossians 3. 12-17

Reflection—v. 12, ‘clothe yourselves’

We are told that we must clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience: the lived-out traits that become a reflection of new life. We are not told to feel these things, but to wear them, to put them on, to embody them. The image of putting on compassion or kindness, just as you would a jacket or scarf, is powerful. Clothes protect us, they keep us warm, they shield us from the wind and rain.  It’s difficult for many of us to remember how important clothing is, when our culture tells us fashions are something worn for a short season then discarded. When one owns six jackets in six different colors, it’s easy to forget how valuable a single warm jacket can be in keeping you warm enough to stay alive on a cold night. Clothing ourselves in this way, not as an accessory, but as a necessity, makes the idea of clothing ourselves in compassion, patience, and humility, a little different. Just as I would clothe myself in layers of warmth against the winter wind, I will clothe myself in layers of humility, patience, gentleness, because these prepare me for my resurrected life in Christ.

Prayer  God, clothe us, that we may live out the new life you gave us every day.