Christmas Vigil — Thursday, Dec 24th

By: Chad Hyatt

Luke 2. 1-20

Reflection—v. 19, ‘Mary… pondered them in her heart’

Today Advent is over, and we keep watch on the eve of a new world. Make no mistake about it, the story of Christmas is a drama of the poor. It is surprising just how unsentimental andIMG_1492 unromanticized the narrative of the harsh realities that attend the birth of Jesus is. While Luke seems focused on the shepherds and angels, I am drawn to Mary. From the first, she has said thoughtfully and freely and fully ‘yes’ to God. Mary is able to stay close to the heart of God because she keeps so well her own heart. Amid all that is going on, everything that is hurriedly happening, Mary is listening. She prayerfully ponders the good news of her son, whether heralded by angels or lowly shepherds. Mary shows us that the community of God includes the poor and the outcast and listens to voices that others ignore. Poor herself, she still hears the cry of the poor. Their words are her treasure as she hears the voice of God speaking through them to her. This Christmas, may Mary teach us to develop hearts of prayerful pondering, humble listening, and thankful treasuring as our world is renewed again.

Prayer  God, help me ponder your presence in my heart, like Mary.