Wednesday, Dec 23rd

By: Maggie Leonard

Titus 3. 4-7


‘You saved my life!’—from drowning, from financial ruin, from overdose, from being hit by a car. Whatever it is, when we exclaim these words, we mean this life, right now.  So how is it that when we talk about Jesus saving our lives, we think only about the ‘fires of hell’ and not the life we are living? We are killing ourselves with unhealthy relationships, consumerism, racism, sexism, screens (television, computer, tablet, phone), hunger for power, gossip, and reactionary attitudes. In this season of Advent, we are called to prepare ourselves, noticing where we are unhealthy, and becoming ready to receive Christ, who comes to us each day, born again and again. God pours goodness and loving kindness on us for no other reason than that is simply who he is, love in the flesh. Mercy is given to us in the face of death so that we might truly live today. Our lives are saved by grace and mercy, and our response is to live full lives—full of the spectrum of our feelings, full of love (actively, not just as a feeling), full of reconciliation, full of encouragement, full of praise.

Prayer  God of Mercy, help me to live today, and to live more fully into the rebirth and renewal offered through Jesus, who saves us.