Tuesday, Dec 22nd

By: Bethany Apelquist

Psalm 80. 1-7

Reflection—v. 7, ‘Restore us, God’

Just like people in the Bible, we ask God for many things. Our prayer lists are long, which is not at all bad; God cares deeply for all those things that trouble our hearts. However, the psalmist is asking for something for which we rarely ask:  ‘Restore us, God.’ I believe God wants to redeem and restore our world, so broken and battered by the many ways we harm one another and ourselves. Everyone can acknowledge things that need to be restored in our lives—our relationships, our mental and physical heath, a deeper spiritual integration, our focus on what really matters. But I don’t believe that in this context restoration just means being brought back to a replica of our old lives at their best. God wants us to experience love in deeper, more inclusive ways—ways that have the capacity to bring about hope, joy, and peace for all of us. God is constantly calling all of us who live on this planet toward new life, to more just and merciful life, to truly abundant life. Let us join our prayers with the psalms this Advent, crying out to God for true restoration and new life for a world in need.

Prayer   God, restore us in your mercy, leading us from old to new.