Monday, Dec 21st

By: Maggie Leonard

Psalm 80. 1-7

Reflection—v. 5, ‘bread made of tears’

Being saved doesn’t always look how we usually anticipate it.  We may watch a friend be saved from choking, but still end up with a few broken ribs.  We may be saved from our anxieties, but only with the help of medicines we never wanted to take. We may watch a loved one be saved from illness, but they find their true peace in their final resting place. We may want to be saved from our financial woes, but bankruptcy was not what we wanted to declare. Frequently, we have a hard time seeing how God is at work in the world.  The difficulties of a saved life sometimes taste like bitter bread made from our tears. We resist it. We become picky. We want a different type of bread. We thought that salvation would come more easily. Perhaps one day we will see that our bread of tears is actually the bread of life.

Prayer  Author of life, what you offer us we have a hard time imagining.  Help us to see what your salvation might be—the space it can create for love in our lives right now.  Help us change our expectations and learn to seek out the sweetness of your grace, even if we must endure some discomfort and tears.